Cave Paintings

Drawings of horses on cave walls.

Horse heads drawn on cave ceilings and walls by unknown human hands. These images are featured in Cave of Forgotten Dreams.

The Ariege region of the Pyrenees is riddled with caves.  Presumably many of them contain artifacts, fragments and possibly, paintings.

Nature journal reports the 1933 discovery of a magnificent horse drawn and colored on a cave wall.  “The cave, to be known as La Grotte de la Bastide, is situated near the village of La Bastide, Hautes Pyrenees.”

During the Spring of 2013, the paleolithic paintings in caves at Niaux, France are the subject of a British Museum exhibition.  Niaux cave is south of Foix.  I walked through that region, visited a rustic museum near Mas d’Anzil containing tools and treasure of our human ancestors millennia ago.

Can’t make it to London for the exhibition?  Werner Herzog’s film Cave of Forgotten Dreams explores the brilliant paintings in caves at Chauvet  and other sites.  Archeology published this interview with Herzog when Cave of Forgotten Dreams was released in 2011.


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